Guest Opinion: Forensic services more important than voters know

Patients at Taunton State Hospital are in dire need of forensic services. I was disappointed that state Sen. Marc R. Pacheco, D-Taunton, was unable to introduce amendments that would protect forensic patients and provide for forensic services in the Taunton area. Taunton’s Forensic Units were doing breakthrough work with patients that are tenacious and often difficult to treat. Infanticide, child rape, homicide and sexual assault are common to this population. Drug offenses that lead to prostitution and armed bank robbery were common, too.

Dr. Syed A. Moosvi, Sue Cullen RN, CNS and Stacy Brady, RN were doing breakthrough work with the most difficult offenders. Most of these patients have not been adequately cared for by the Department of Corrections. The rate of recidivism among the population is very high and without adequate forensic care and treatment, offenders go on to recommit the worst of crimes.

Read More: Taunton Daily Gazette


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