Jobs & The Economy

  • Fought for legislation that helped establish Massachusetts as No. 1 for economic competitiveness.
  • Key sponsor of legislation to increase the minimum wage in Massachusetts.
  • Fought for the expansion of the Myles Standish Industrial Park, attracting 100 companies and creating more than 7,400 private sector jobs.
  • Fought for commuter rail access to Southeastern Massachusetts, which is estimated to create nearly 12,000 jobs and generate $500 million in economic activity per year.
  • Supported funding to assist cities and towns with local transportation projects such as rebuilding and repairing roads and bridges.
  • Chief sponsor of legislation to extend OSHA protections to state employees.
  • Fought for legislation that eliminates loopholes in the state welfare system and provides resources to help residents gain economic independence through a welfare-to-work program.
  • Fought for a domestic workers' bill of rights in Massachusetts, establishing deserved basic workplace protections to nannies, caretakers and housekeepers in the Commonwealth.
  • Fought for the establishment of the Life Sciences Education and Training Center at Myles Standish Industrial Park as part of the Life Sciences bill, which invests $1 billion into the state's life science industry through tax credits, direct research grants and capital investments that create jobs.
  • Supported expanded gaming legislation to bring economic development, taxable revenue, tourism and new jobs to Southeastern Massachusetts and to the state.
  • Supported a gaming compact between the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe and the Commonwealth to help bring the state's Region C casino to Taunton.
  • Supported legislation that authorizes spending on improved information technology equipment and projects to help Massachusetts compete in the 21st century economy.
  • Supported a capital bond bill that includes $50 million for cultural facilities funded through the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund.
  • Supported bond bill that includes $10 million for Gateway Cities Transformative Development Fund to revitalize and support residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development and financial assistance.
  • Supported added funding for local tourism councils in Massachusetts. 
  • Fought for improvements to Middleboro Rotary, including the establishment of a citizens' advisory committee to ensure the project includes input from impacted communities.
  • Supported a housing bond bill to produce and preserve affordable housing in Massachusetts.
  • Chief sponsor of legislation that strengthens local housing authorities through increased accountability and transparency and improved management and collaboration between housing authorities.
  • Supported legislation to bolster the Brownfields Redevelopment Fund.
  • Fought for a Home Rule Petition to allow Trinity Financial and the Taunton Housing Authority to utilize Hope VI funding to create 190 revitalized public housing and mixed-income affordable homes.
  • Fought to protect municipal workers' collective bargaining rights.
  • Fought against proposals to cut local aid in state budgets.
  • Supported initiatives to bolster tourism in the Southeast, including funding for Wareham's 275th anniversary celebration.
  • Led the fight and secured funding for the construction of an $80 million judicial complex in downtown Taunton, creating hundreds of new construction jobs and helping to revitalizing the local economy.
  • Fought to promote job retention and job creation by passing legislation that reduces health insurance costs for small businesses.
  • Led the fight to provide a living wage for hard-working men and women by authoring and securing the passage of legislation that raised the minimum wage to its current level.
  • Fought to help displaced workers by investing more than $7.8 billion in workforce training programs and extending needed unemployment benefits.


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