Senate budget includes Pacheco's Taunton State Hospital amendment

An amendment to the $34 billion Senate budget proposal would keep Taunton State Hospital open for another year at a limited capacity while funding a study to examine potential expanded uses at the facility.

“This amendment promises that patients receiving behavioral and mental health services through the 45 beds at Taunton State Hospital will continue to have access to mental health care in Southeastern Massachusetts through June 2014,” said state Sen. Marc Pacheco, D-Taunton, who sponsored the amendment. “This ensures we will continue working to find a solution for the long-term viability and full utilization of Taunton State Hospital and to reposition the hospital for the existing and emerging needs that are self-evident in our society.”

Language to keep the hospital open also appeared in the Senate Ways and Means budget proposal, which went before the Senate. The Senate approved a budget late Thursday night following two days of debate.

Read More: Taunton Daily Gazette


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